Chain Activity

Explore real-time NFT data on Avalanche here.

Our platform's advanced chain activity page offers users real-time access to critical NFT transaction data; with a comprehensive display of essential information such as NFT, price, marketplace, buyer/seller, and transaction ID. Our cutting-edge platform has been designed with user experience in mind, making it easy to access and interact with the information and insights you need to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of NFT investing.

Sales, you can seamlessly obtain information about the sale price of an NFT and the type of transaction, including whether the sale was made through an accepted bid or the listing price.

Transfers, you can easily track the movement of NFTs across different addresses, giving you a complete picture of their journey.

Mints, keeps you informed of the latest NFT creations in real-time, including details about the minter and price.

Burns, highlights the NFTs that have been removed from circulation, blackholed forever.

Together, these data provide you with a comprehensive view of NFTs and their activities, enabling you to make informed decisions about your investments.

We recognize the importance of providing our users with a highly customizable experience that meets their diverse needs. As such, we are pleased to inform you that our platform empowers you to access NFT-related data across a broad range of dates, not solely confined to recent activities.

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